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A railroad was built from the ore fields through the new city and on to Longview where it connected with other rail lines all the way to the Gulf of Mexico at Port Bolivar, hence the railroad was named, "Port Bolivar & Iron Ore" or the "PB&IO." The construction of the roadbed was a major accomplishment for the time. The deep cuts and high fills were all constructed with hand tools and horse or mule teams. A deep cut near Ore City is still known as "Bennet's Cut" in honor of a construction engineer name Bennett.

The railroad was completed and train began to run between Longview and the new city. Stores and other businesses were opened along Main Street and Front Street. Lots were sold to families wishing to build homes with the new town.

Unfortunately, about the time of the First World War, the dream of Col. Featherstone came crashing down. Financial backing was withdrawn and the entire enterprise failed. Very little ore, if any, was ever shipped, and the Ore City Company went into bankruptcy.

The trains continued to run for a time as required by the Texas Railroad Commission and the mail was delivered from Longview by rail. Finally the 'train' became a converted Ford with a small trailer attached. The final run of the 'mail train' occurred one day when, by curious 'accident' every bridge or trestle caught fire and burned as the train returned to Longview.

Even though the Ore City Company failed and the train ceased to run, some stores and other businesses, including the Security State Bank continued to operate, and many families continued to make Ore City their home. A new brick school building had been constructed and continued to be the Ore City School until a new school was constructed at the present site in the 1950s.

PB & IO Depot

Very little ore, if any, was ever shipped, and the
Ore City Company went into bankruptcy.

Work on Bennett's Cut

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The Model 'T' Train

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